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Sights in and around Braunschweig

Happy Rizzi HouseDistance from hotel 3,5 km

The Happy Rizzi House (official spelling Happy RIZZI House; mostly just known as the “Rizzi-Haus”) is a modern building in Braunschweig designed by the American artist James Rizzi (1950–2011) and realised by the Braunschweig architect Konrad Kloster. It is located in am Ackerhof in Braunschweig.

Distance from hotel  3,5 km

Richmond PalaceDistance from hotel 2 km

Richmond Palace was erected from 1768 to 1769 for Princess (and subsequently Duchess) Augusta, Karl-Wilhelm Ferdinand’s wife, in the south of Braunschweig. It was built by Carl Christoph Fleischer.

The Palace received its name in memory of the Princess’s English home, Richmond Park on the Thames.

Distance from hotel  2 km

Braunschweig Palace Arcades (Schloßarkaden)Distance from hotel 3,5 km

Braunschweig Palace, also known as Braunschweig Residential Palace, is part of a hybrid building in Bohlweg in the centre of Braunschweig. The buildings which preceded it were the residence of the Braunschweig dukes of the House of Guelfs from 1753 to 8th November 1918.

Distance from hotel  3,5 km

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Volkswagen AGDistance from hotel 10 km


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Siemens AGDistance from hotel 2 km

Rail and train technology

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