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3 / 5 17.03.18

I have stayed at the Grand Winston many times and I know what to expect. My annoyance is checking in around 9:45 a.m. and paying a 25 Euro early check-in fee, but not being allowed to have a cup of coffee from the breakfast hall just before they shut down. To me this is so cheap and unfriendly - it sets the wrong tone for the stay.

2 / 5 15.03.18

Upon check in I was given the incorrect room key which meant I had to walk from one end of the hotel to the other twice. After a long day at work this was not what I needed. On the second night I ordered room service which was delayed by over 50 mins. Upon calling reception I was told that my order was forgotten and they would have to reorder again. It was over 1 hour in total from the initial order to receiving my room service. On my last nights stay I found that my room had not been serviced. I had not left any privacy statement on my door. When I question this, reception stated that they had no idea why my room was not serviced and at the time of my query, housekeeping had all left for the evening. I received some towels and soap from the reception.

3 / 5 14.03.18

The Hotel is generally very nice, with some disadvantages.

5 / 5 11.03.18

Great hotel and service

3 / 5 10.03.18

I have stayed in BW Grand Winston on several occasions. What matters most is that there is no indication that the hotel picks up on requests for changes. It does not mean the quality is poor, but any hotel needs make visible improvements and I feel this hotel lacks this approach.

3 / 5 08.03.18

The lighting in the rooms is not very good. Have to switch on lots of individual lamps. Would be nice to have some water in the room even if have to pay for it.

2 / 5 03.03.18

Show of douche = defected / toilet extend not working well / no fresh air comes into the room / bad + toilet smells also in bed / towels stink / smells to chlorine / breakfast for 17euro = ridiculous

2 / 5 27.02.18

Cold room. No temperature regulation. Open (glass walls) toilet and showers of poor standard. Freezing Cold breeze in the shower. Breakfast below expected standard. Staff relatively polite, not very friendly.

2 / 5 23.02.18

Overall the hotel was in good condition. However the quilt on the bed was hopeless it looked as if it had been washed and then the inners had clumped so you had patches of clumped fibres then areas with nothing. It was impossible to use and there was no alternative bedding in the room. It meant even with the heating on I was cold all night. Important thing when your travelling for business is to have a good nights sleep.

1 / 5 17.02.18

Room smelled of fish and cigarettes, reception did not help...just offered a free coffee??

3 / 5 16.02.18

The staff were great, but the hotel room was rather shabby.

4 / 5 13.02.18

Great customer service and lovely extras but quite basic facilities in room. Bed was very hard!

3 / 5 11.02.18

Dinner in the Hotel Lounge was very dissapointed. Less food for a lot of money. Simply prepared. Slow kitchenstaff. Uncomfortable seating.

4 / 5 11.02.18

One coffee machine is not enough

4 / 5 04.02.18

Fine, the complete room was good, clean etc.

4 / 5 01.02.18

The reception staff are very helpful and welcoming and the rooms are comfortable. The barman is very friendly

5 / 5 30.01.18

Comfortable, spacious room. Convenient location. Good food.

5 / 5 25.01.18

Very good hotel

4 / 5 13.01.18

Very good service and hospitality

5 / 5 04.01.18

We love it!

4 / 5 03.01.18

Eversbody was very polite, breakfast was good, so were the beds. The weather was awful and even worse was the bathroom - walls of glass, an absolute No Go

3 / 5 25.12.17

Very good atmosphere and clean. Friendly staff and good breakfast. But unfortunately the window can’t be open in the room. I stayed with my son and we were both very ill with bronchitis after two nights.

4 / 5 04.12.17

Really nice hotel with friendly staff. Would be five stars. But you really need to put more light in the room. It's too dark: THe room in general and the desk and bed - impossible to work at the desk or to read in the bed.

5 / 5 01.12.17

Very good hotel, the Hague & Delft, Rotterdam are very easy to reach by public transportation.

3 / 5 01.12.17

Great Hotel, great staff only remani a problem: the windows are completley blocced in the bed rooms, so ususally awake in the middel of night with the felling is missin possibility to just open a little bit to get fresh air. I climend every time on this partuclar point , nice personell reply : it is for safety reasons...but I visitng 50 hotle per yer, every hotel has a windows that can be partially opne so security waarntied, but also oxingen for guest ( an so sleeping well).

3 / 5 30.11.17

The hotel's staff, food and offer were all a really nice experience. The overall impression, however, became less good as I simply could not enlighten the room to a sufficient extent to carry out my work there.

4 / 5 28.11.17

Generally, the hotel convinced me. Everything is clean and tidy, the rooms look fine and are well equipped with everything you need. What was not so convoncing was the the breakfast, also, nearly everything is available, the atmosphere is too cold and too anonymous for a good start into the morning.

2 / 5 17.11.17

I dislike the rooms - the bathrooms are poorly designed (no dry & reachable place to hang towels when under the shower) and the full body shower is leaky, and the beds are too hard. This has not been changed in the last 4 years it seems (I was there 4 years ago for training too).

3 / 5 14.11.17

I have stayed at the hotel several times, when travelling for work, and have grown increasingly irritated by the poor lightning in the rooms. I lack good work lightning and am seariously contemplating finding a hotel which is better suited for working purposes the next time I go to Rijswijk. In addition, the room was very cold (second time I experience this) and it was hard to achieve a comfortable temperature. However, I like the restaurant and the breakfast.

3 / 5 11.11.17

Generally good, but two problems: 1. Not enough light on the desk, making it very hard to work. Very poor in a business hotel. 2. The shower head would not stay in position, which is very annoying.

3 / 5 10.11.17

The restaurants need improvement. However the breakfast spread is greatं. The bar seems lifeless. However for a business hotel, it is Okay.

2 / 5 10.11.17

I found my room, mattress, and bedding to be unsatisfactory. The mattress was like a rock, the pillows were lumpy, the sheets we not changed once in 13 days, and the bedcovers were also lumpy. The room was dark, and the desk light did not function.

5 / 5 09.11.17

I don't like the bathroom with glass walls but it's my idea.

5 / 5 08.11.17

Nice modern hotel, nice and clean room

3 / 5 03.11.17

Nice enough hotel, convenient location, rooms are a bit tired

3 / 5 31.10.17

Free Parking and Quality of bed. have been great. Visibility of bathroom, age of furniture rather poor.

2 / 5 27.10.17

Housekeeping needs to pay attention to details: Ensure room and bathroom are spotless before new client arrives (I found long hairs in sink). Daily checks missing: is there a tea spoon and is it clean? Is vanity set used, should it be replaced? Take empty/ dirty glases. I made (specific) remarks to reception mid stay. Despite promise to improve, nothing was done

3 / 5 22.10.17

Very nice quite room. The room was very warm however and the airco only cooled a very little bit.

2 / 5 20.10.17

Rooms were reasonably equipped, but very dark. Entire hotel in need of refit, very 80's feel needs to go, as do all the coloured LEDS in the restaurant.

3 / 5 08.10.17

Hotel Room very neat and well kept. Bed very good. No drinks in the fridge in the room. Reception or House keeping to ask if guest wants it loaded with drinks. TV channels not enough for Supersports channels. On Saturday 7th Oct my room was not cleaned. I went out in the afternoon and returned in the evening to find the room unkept and when I complained to the reception desk via room phone I was shocked to hear that the cleaner said I requested that the room should not be cleaned. I never met nor had any chat with any cleaner. Reception, restaurant staff are very friendly. No complimentary bottled water in the rooms (would be nice to have). Good food and various nice menu.

2 / 5 30.09.17

Not good.

1 / 5 29.09.17

All other occasions my stay has been good but the last occasion was terrible. Standard rooms were full so I stayed in the more expensive Comfort room. I needed toothpaste from Housekeeping and wanted to order a meal but found the telephones were not working. A few lights also were not working. Went down to reception and was told that this was a known problem, so why give the room and why charge the extra?

3 / 5 28.09.17

A little bit tired, scruffy and not a lot of 'comfort'

2 / 5 28.09.17

The Hotel has been good some years ago. Now I visited again after 7 years I must say it has come into the years. Rooms seem to be modern, but there are itches aand things to be fixed here and there. (broken down paint on hotel room doors, ichts in glass bathroom sink,...)

2 / 5 22.09.17

everthing OK - EXCEPT FOR: it is the second stay with you (Best Wstern Grand Winston Churchil in Rijswijk, Netherlands), so the second room, and neither of both bath rooms had a toilet brush - very awkward, very displeasing, even more so if the flushing doesn't work properly as it should but is clogged, actually it is the very forst hotel that doesn't have a toilet brush.

1 / 5 22.09.17

The bathroom fan in the bedroom is extremely loud and it is impossible to switch off. This kept me awak all night and I will not stay in the hotel again as a result. It is unfortunate since the bar and restaurant are very nice.

3 / 5 05.09.17

Poor Service

1 / 5 03.09.17

The parking situation is very odd with parking on the street being the most available. The small hotel lot has been full during my two visits to this poorly maintained hotel.

3 / 5 30.08.17

The room was very noisy due to a permanently running ventilator.

5 / 5 26.08.17

Nice and good service

4 / 5 06.08.17


5 / 5 30.07.17

It was super

3 / 5 23.07.17

Cosmetic mirror for Wifes, brush for Toilette, something on the breakfastdesk to put in the diirt, better light in the rooms

3 / 5 23.07.17

Een mooi hotel in de algemene ruimtes, behalve de ontbijtruimte geeft mij het idee van een kantine. Verouderde kamer maar heeft alles wat je wenst....behalve de matrassen, deze zijn vrij hard.

5 / 5 16.07.17


3 / 5 14.07.17

The Best Western is definitely a comfortable hotel. Not the best but not terrible either. The room is spacious and there is enough place for clothing. The bathroom is in the sleeping room with only a glass wall in between. I prefer to have it a bit more separated. There is only one window in the room which makes the room quite dark. At night there are not much lights in the room, so if you want to do some work on the desk this is not ideal.

3 / 5 12.07.17

cleaning ok, food ok, even if we had to wait too much at lunch for two sandwiches...

4 / 5 08.07.17

Zerkratzte Holz an den Sesseln im Zimmer könnte man ändern...Service super

4 / 5 08.07.17

We had a good stay, but the (bath) room can use an upgrade. The furniture was some what worn and the bathroom had heeps of kit to cover foults.

2 / 5 29.06.17

veraltete und unsaubere Badeinrichtung (Dusche), ungünstige Zimmeraufteilung, schlechte Beleuchtung

5 / 5 24.06.17

Was a good stay in your hotel.

1 / 5 22.06.17

The hotel has several issues such as: water leaks in the room ceilings, shower door doesn't seal properly, A/C doesn't cool enough, phone doesn't work properly, rooms are too dark, etc.

5 / 5 18.06.17

beautiful hotel. Clean and cosy room ans huge breakfast options. We were kindly advised by staff on where to park the car.

2 / 5 16.06.17

Internet was slow and it asked to reconnect every time in/out of the room. I used glasses and cups and they were not cleaned properly (still had my lipstick stain on!). I left the notice for the breakfast in my room the night before outside my rm and nothing happened, no food next morning; they did not even pick up my card from the door. Very disappointing. Also, the phone in the room was not working and not an apology given. Overall it all looks worn down.

3 / 5 16.06.17

I have travelled to Rijswijk for many years and usually stay at this hotel. Mainly because it is across the street from the Shell office. The quality is okay, but I have seen no improvements in the past 6 years. The biggest issue is the lighting in the rooms. The rooms are very dark, even with all lights on. With LED, the rooms could be made much brighter, without much electricity usage. I suggest improving room lighting with brighter LED lights.

4 / 5 15.06.17

Stay was fine. room service ok, beds comfy, breakfast nice. Rooms still too dark though

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