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Attractions in and around Friedrichshafen

Bregenz & Bregenz forestDistance from hotel 50 km

Bregenz is the capital of Vorarlberg (Austria). Here you can look at the Bregenz Festival's famous lake stage, ride the cable car up the Pfänder Mountain (1064 m) and enjoy the panorama - to enjoy the view or to hike, take a boat trip or simply enjoy the promenade.

In the Bregenz forest you can let your mind wander, enjoy the influences of the mountains and rivers, try cheese in one of the rustic inns and breathe mountain air.

Distance from hotel  50 km

Island City of LindauDistance from hotel 20 km

Lindau is a southwest city of Bavaria and a famous island city. The town's landmark is the lion statues at the harbour entrance. You can leisurely walk around the island and enjoy small streets and from here, see the Alps.

Distance from hotel  20 km

Meersburg (historical city)Distance from hotel 20 km

Meersburg is located on the northern shore of the Bodensee at an altitude of 400-500 m. Only 40 m is the difference in altitude between the lower and upper city districts. Meersburg invites you into the middle ages and Baroque with its many museums, castles and monuments. Of course, you can explore the vineyard.

Distance from hotel  20 km

Konstanz (ancient city) with the Mainau IslandDistance from hotel 30 km

Konstanz is the largest city at the Bodensee with two colleges and a university right on the Swiss border. History of the city dates back to the Roman Empire and this is also the image of the city that wasn`t destroyed by the war. The famous island of flowers the Mainau can be reached directly from Konstanz. This is the third largest island in the Bodensee and you can discover its diversity the whole year long, visit the Butterfly House or Palm House and enjoy nature.

Distance from hotel  30 km

Wangen im AllgäuDistance from hotel 45 km

Wangen im Allgäu is the second largest city of district of Ravensburg after the city of Ravensburg. Here you can visit fountains, sculptures, historic buildings, ruins, churches and monasteries.

Distance from hotel  45 km

St. Gallen (Switzerland)Distance from hotel 82 km

Here there is a traffic-free old town and here you will find also the UNESCO world cultural heritage — the Abbeylibrary with cathedral.

Distance from hotel  82 km

Major businesses nearby

MTU/ Rolls RoyceDistance from hotel 0,3 km

MTU is a trademark of the Rolls Royce Power Systems and manufactures diesel engines and complete drive systems.

Distance from hotel  0,3 km

Gear wheel fabric ZFDistance from hotel 0,3 km

ZF is a leading worldwide technology group of companies in the drive- and chassis technology.

Distance from hotel  0,3 km

EADS/ AirbusDistance from hotel 5 km

Builds and develops satellites, probes and instruments for the scientific research in space, Earth observation and meteorology.

Distance from hotel  5 km