AMEDIA Plaza Schwerin

Places of interest in and around Schwerin

Schwerin PalaceDistance from hotel 1 km

The multi-towered castle on an island is the most visited monument in Schwerin. In the Palace Museum, you can view the staterooms, the gallery of old and new masters and much, much more. The famous Schwerin Castle Festival takes place here every year in the summer.

Distance from hotel  1 km

Lake cruisesDistance from hotel 1 km

Discover Schwerin from on the water! We can charter Weisse Flotte ("White Fleet") ships for you and, on request, would be happy to serve you food on board, too. The jetty is right next to Schwerin Palace.

Distance from hotel  1 km

Schwerin Climbing ForestDistance from hotel 3,5 km

The 8 tracks with over 70 climbing exercises offer a lot of fun and thrills. Anyone who manages to complete the challenging tracks 6 to 8 with platforms that are up to 13 metres high will be rewarded with a beautiful view of Schwerin Lake.

Distance from hotel  3,5 km

Mecklenburg State TheatreDistance from hotel 1,5 km

Built in the classicist style, the theatre is well known far beyond the borders of the federal state. The theatrical offerings range from operas, operettas, musicals and concerts to ballet performances.

Distance from hotel  1,5 km

The Hanseatic town of WismarDistance from hotel 25 km

Who doesn't love the special charm and the unmistakable flair of a harbour town, one which has a centuries-long tradition, too? Wismar, with its imposing Gothic brick architecture, is located about 25 km north of Schwerin and is well worth a trip at any time of the year.

Distance from hotel  25 km

Important companies in the vicinity

HELIOS Clinics GroupDistance from hotel 4 km

The HELIOS Clinics Group is one of the largest providers of in-patient and out-patient health care in Europe.

Distance from hotel  4 km

FlammAerotec GmbH & Co. KGDistance from hotel 7 km

As a partner of the aviation industry FLAMMAEROTEC manufactures moulded components, plate components and machined parts as well as riveted assemblies made of all metallic materials including the appropriate surface technology

Distance from hotel  7 km

Nestlé Deutschland AGDistance from hotel 7 km

The Nescafé Dolce Gusto plant in Schwerin has been officially opened. Nestlé produces coffee capsules in the largest and most modern factory in Europe.

Distance from hotel  7 km