Best Western Amedia Zwickau
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Sights in and around Zwickau

August-Horch-MuseumDistance from hotel 4,5 km

Automobile museum

Distance from hotel  4,5 km

Robert Schumann HausDistance from hotel 4,3 km

The city of Zwickau, where Schumann was born on 8th June 1810, invites you to follow Schumann's tracks and encounter his music at concerts and other events.

Distance from hotel  4,3 km

Max Pechstein MuseumDistance from hotel 3,4 km

Art exhibition

Distance from hotel  3,4 km

Priests‘ Houses (Priesterhäuser)Distance from hotel 4,3 km

This is demonstrably the oldest preserved ensemble of dwelling-houses in Germany. The complex of buildings is directly south-west of the main parish church of Sankt Marien, which nowadays is known as Zwickau Cathedral. The four houses represent the remains of twelve similar houses which formed the churchyard of Sankt Marien from the Middle Ages to the second half of the 19th century.

Distance from hotel  4,3 km

Important companies nearby

VW-MoselDistance from hotel 15 km

Automotive supplier

Distance from hotel  15 km

TennecoDistance from hotel 2,1 km

Manufacture of complete exhaust systems and individual components for cars (JIT supplier for VW Saxony), trucks, commercial vehicles and the construction and agricultural sector.

Distance from hotel  2,1 km

Johnson Controls BatteriesDistance from hotel 1,5 km

Battery manufacture for various car brands, automotive supplier

Distance from hotel  1,5 km