Think GreenFor a sustainable experience

Our contribution for the future

We are proud that we not only offer our guests a pleasant stay in our PLAZA hotels, but also contribute to the preservation of our environment. At the PLAZA Hotel group, a high priority is given to sustainability. We would be delighted to show you first hand our commitment to a greener future. #ThinkGreen

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Energy savings

Less paper use thanks to digitisation
Thanks to digitalisation, which is only advancing, we rely on paperless work, which is not only more efficient but also more environmentally friendly. Less paper is used on our premises – we increasingly rely on digital solutions.

Saved water through innovative technologies
Water is one of the most valuable properties of the earth, and we are aware of its significance. This is why we have installed flow restrictors to the basins and showers in our hotels. Also, our toilets have rinse stop buttons. In this way we enable our guests to use water economically.

Cleaning, light & e-charging stations

Energy savings during cleaning: dosing systems
Our cleaning supplies are used in an extremely careful and economical way, to minimise the burden on the environment. We rely on dosing systems which enable precise dosages of cleaning supplies.

Energy-efficient light concept
Our premises use a modern lighting concept which ensures that light is only used when it is actually required, without it limiting our guests’ comfort. We also rely solely on energy-efficient light bulbs.

Promote e-mobility with e-charging stations
The future of mobility is electricity, and we are ready to do our bit. In selected premises of the PLAZA Hotel group there are e-charging stations available.

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Room cleaning & towel changing only on request
More and more guests are making a point of harming the environment as little as possible when they travel; they go without room cleaning and towel changing more and more frequently. For this reason, as part of our #ThinkGreen initiative, we clean the rooms occupied by our guests only on request. This conscious decision reduces resources consumption and minimises our ecological footprint. Enjoy an environmentally friendly stay in one of our PLAZA Hotels.

We support the “Click-A-Tree” initiative. 
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Waste prevention

Environmentally friendly soap and shampoo dispensers
Our hotels rely on dosable soap and shampoo dispensers which can always be refilled – something which reduces single-use plastic bottles & waste.

Glass containers rather than plastic
Wherever it’s possible, we use glass containers in place of plastic packaging. This conscious step helps to reduce plastic waste and is an important contribution to preventing pollution in our environment.

Sustainable towel solutions
In our hotels we rely on cloth towels rather than paper hand towels. This not only allows for pleasant use, it also reduces consumption of disposable paper.

Sustainable food handling

No use of disposable tableware and disposable packaging
In our kitchens and our gastronomy endeavours, our commitment to the environment means that we refrain from using disposable tableware and disposable packaging. We rely on reusable solutions to minimise waste and protect nature.

Less food waste from flexible portion sizes
To reduce food waste, we offer our guests the option of selecting portion sizes for their meals. This innovative solution contributes to minimising the quantity of unused food.

Professional recycling with leftover food
At the PLAZA Hotel group we take responsibility for leftover food seriously. Our committed team ensures that this food will be professionally recycled and reused.

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Regional products for a sustainable experience
We attach great importance to regionality, both in our kitchens and in our range of beauty products. This means that we prefer to use food and care products that are sourced locally.

Short journeys for less environmental burden
We prefer partners who are located in the immediate vicinity of our hotels. We are proud to support the local economy while at the same time reducing the CO2 footprint of our supply chain.

No use of finished products
When preparing our meals, we consciously rely on freshness and quality. With this we refrain from using finished products. This guarantees the best possible taste and allows us to keep packaging waste and energy consumption low.

Your sustainable choice

If you decide on the PLAZA Hotel group, you will opting not just for first class service and comfort, but also for a sustainable experience. Our conscious decisions regarding the acquisition of food, beauty products and internal materials, as well as in internal processes, make it possible for us to ensure a positive contribution to the protection of our environment while you can enjoy your stay to the fullest.

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